Class NotationRegistry

  • public class NotationRegistry
    extends Object
    Registry for known notations. Since signature verification must reject signatures with critical notations that are not known to the application, there must be some way to tell PGPainless which notations actually are known. To add a notation name, call addKnownNotation(String).
    • Method Detail

      • addKnownNotation

        public void addKnownNotation​(String notationName)
        Add a known notation name into the registry. This will cause critical notations with that name to no longer invalidate the signature.
        notationName - name of the notation
      • isKnownNotation

        public boolean isKnownNotation​(String notationName)
        Return true if the notation name is registered in the registry.
        notationName - name of the notation
        true if notation is known, false otherwise.
      • clear

        public void clear()
        Clear all known notations from the registry.